• 5 Tips for Moms during Back-to-School

    Back to school this year is more stressful than ever before, and I’ve got some tips to keep moms — whether you’re working from home, back in the office, or a full-time caretaker — happy and sane until winter break!

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    No matter how your kids are going back to school this year, there’s a lot of hard decisions to make. Here’s seven tips I’ve used so far that have helped our family learn at home and enjoy it!
  • Our Founder's Favs

    Postpartum shopping can be hard — we get it. Our founder Cheryl Malik has been there with her pregnancies and wanted to bring mamas clothing that's not only perfect for postpartum bodies but makes you feel good, mama.
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    (Taken from Cheryl's Instagram) The caption I’d like to post with this photo: I LOVE my body, no matter how different it is post-babies.The truth...
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    A sneak peek into our new store for motherhood at all stages in Arlington, Tennessee.