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Our Favorite Postpartum Pieces


Dressing during the postpartum period can be super difficult - nothing fits the way you want, your body may or may not look the way it did pre-pregnancy, and all you want is to be comfortable. Don't worry, mama - we've put together a list of our top 10 favorite postpartum pieces, all designed to flatter your after-baby body in cute (and comfortable) ways!



1. Tired as a Mother Slouchy T-Shirt

This design is printed on a soft, slouchy, dolman tee. The flowy short sleeves flatter upper arms, and the scoop neckline shows off a little clavicle (ooh la la!) while the long, loose bodice camouflages any abdominal areas you might be less-than-thrilled about.

This shirt is flowy and stretchy enough to allow room for growing baby bumps, and it's easy to pull up for nursing or pumping.

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2. Stretchy Maternity/Postpartum Jumper


For all you postpartum mamas out there, this jumper is PERFECT for you! There is no waistband or any particularly "maternity" style to it, just loose fitting around the middle and comfy, making the days with the babies in your arms instead of your belly that. much. better. 

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3. The Babydoll Dress


This cute, flirty babydoll dress gives that baby bump tons of room to grow. You'll be able to wear this dress through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. The standing collar and subtle v-neck show off just the right amount of skin, and the 3/4 length sleeves have elastic cuffs to keep them out of your way.

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4. "Love the Body That Built the Baby" Tank


Can we stop this "Get your body back!" madness? How about we love the bodies that made our babies instead? It's super easy to love that bod with this flowy and flattering halter tank that we basically live in. Start a movement to get mamas taking it easy on themselves!

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5. Wrap Hoodie Dolman Sleeve Sweater


This is one of our favorite - maybe even our favorite favorite - postpartum tops. The drapey, overlapping fabric is an after-baby-belly dream. The hem hits in just the right spot to flatter your hips and stomach, and the loose, flowy sleeves flatter your shoulders and upper arms. Wear it over a tank, tee, or long sleeve top with jeans or yoga pants for an effortlessly cute and casual outfit.

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6. Goddess V-Neck Maxi Dress

The floor length skirt paired with the empire waist give the illusion of extra long legs, and there's plenty of room for your baby belly room to grow. This is technically not a maternity dress, but it can absolutely be worn all-9-months, and beyond. The skirt is lined to the knee, so no worrying about showing off anything you don't want to show off.

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7. Mom Life Tee

It's not technically a maternity shirt, but it's absolutely long enough and comfortable enough that it can be! There's enough stretch to the fabric to wear this shirt at least for the first 6-7 months of your pregnancy, and then again postpartum!

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8. Maternity + Nursing Double Layered Black and White Striped Top

Whaaaaaaaat?! A maternity shirt that also works as nursing shirt but that doesn't look frumpy like a nursing shirt? INTO IT. Fancy white stripes on a flowy black tee that pulls up for super easy nursing. Oh, and it's hella soft. You want this.

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9. Super Soft High-Waised Leggings with Phone Pockets


Could these be the perfect leggings? We'll let you decide, but we sure think so. They're lined with a super soft fabric, making them warm and cozy enough to live in during the winter without suffocating in the summer. The high waist provides light support for the tummy and they lift a little on the booty. Oh, and did we mention? THEY HAVE SIDE POCKETS! 

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10. Cloudy Day Shirt


This top is so perfect for every stage of pregnancy, and every stage of post-pregnancy, too. Unlike a lot of maternity tops, the drapey lower half of this shirt flows away from your baby bump (and your postpartum bump). It's incredibly flattering and lays perfectly no matter what stage you're in.

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