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The Post-Baby Body

(Taken from Cheryl's Instagram)

The caption I’d like to post with this photo: I LOVE my body, no matter how different it is post-babies.

The truth: I’m frustrated with it. I DON’T love it, at least not the way it looks. I’m frustrated that, no matter the work I do, the stretch marks are not going to go away, the loose skin is still loose, and my diastasis recti heals but my belly stays rounded. I won’t even get into my pelvic floor drama... As the founder of the clothing shop for mothers at every stage, I feel like I’m supposed to be body positivity at all times. But you know what I am?
Positive-leaning body reality. Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing.

I’ve lost all the baby weight and then some, but I will never look the same again. I did everything right, and yet... I still have a pooch under my belly button, draped with deflated, striated skin. I look at the women whose bodies magically return to their pre-pregnancy state, with smooth and tight skin around their middle, and I can’t help but feel a bit jealous.

But my reality is this one, no matter how hard I work. No matter how much pelvic floor therapy and physical therapy I do, no matter how long I do the @every_mother program (which has been AMAZINGLY effective), no matter what I slathered on my belly every day of pregnancy.

I’m here to simply normalize the post-baby belly. To let you know you can be grateful to your body without loving the pockmarked pooch that no swimsuit can truly flatter. Here to bring you the very best clothing for making it look GOOD, without trying to pretend it’s not there. Motherhood is complicated, and that doesn’t begin and end with the parenting side...