About Us

Our Story

I was a few months postpartum with my second child and I was tired. My daughter was sleeping well at this point, honestly, but I was simply exhausted by the state of my body after baby #2. Nothing fit well and going shopping was beyond depressing. It seemed almost everything in the stores was designed with waif-thin 18 year olds in mind, not me with my diastasis recti and my saggy, stretch-marked skin!

More than that, though, I was tired of wanting to vent and hearing only solutions for "getting my body back." One day, it occurred to me that maybe it wasn't me or my body that was the problem.

Maybe it was the pressure from our world to lose the weight fast, get back in those skinny jeans, get rid of those stretch marks.

Maybe THAT was the problem.

I decided I was fed up with that intense pressure to spring back quickly and decided it was high time women were offered clothing that actually flattered their postpartum and mama bods. Oh, and nursing clothing? It doesn't have to be frumpy. Work and play clothes don't have to be tight on the belly. They don't have to be impossible to unbutton to get that pumping session in. There should be other options!

Quattro Mama was born. Join us in giving ourselves grace while we let ourselves be mothers, with all the mess that entails.

What We Do

We curate clothing specifically for the mother and her post-baby body. Most items are selected with biological mamas in mind, but all moms love the clothes we offer for that kid- and baby-life. 

Our clothing is aimed at doing three things:

  • Chilling like a mother
  • Working like a mother
  • Going out like a mother

And we know it's hard to shop online, especially when your body is in a state of flux and change. We try to be as up front and honest about our clothing as possible so you can order what you'll end up loving, instead of serving up more disappointment than the junior's section during crop top season.

We label our clothing as being ideal for...

  • Early postpartum
  • Nursing or pumping
  • Work
  • Chill
  • Going out

And we are always here to help. Shoot us an email or message us on Instagram and let's talk about what you need and what questions you have.

This one's for you, mama.